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SMT Stencil
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Frame Laser Cutting SMT Stencil


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Frame Size (CM)
Laser Cutting
Max. image size (CM) Price/pcs
37.0cm×47.0cm 19.0cm×29.0cm $60/pcs
42.0cm×52.0cm 24.0cm×34.0cm $110/pcs
55.0cm×65.0cm 37.0cm×47.0cm $220/pcs
45.0cm×55.0cm  27.0cm×37.0cm $180/pcs
58.4cm×58.4cm 40.0cm×40.0cm $220/pcs
73.6cm×73.6cm  52.0cm×52.0cm $350/pcs

 Product Picture

   37x47 CM
   42x52 CM
   45x55 CM
   55x55 CM



If paste file is proved, then we produce it according to given file, but if the board has following three items, it's not doable: 

1) Goldfinger; 2) Kepboard pad; 3) RF antenna


If there's no paste file, but has solder mask, copper layer and drill file, we'll do it based on solder mask layer and the size will according to the pads of copper layer, others will follow below specifications:

1 ) through holes ( including a conductive plug hole and key hole ) of the solder layer is undoable.

2 ) there is no solder mask layer below the line solder resist layer is undoable.

3 )  If any solder mask or shield case added on signal layer in order to increase circuit current, pls specify. 

4 ) We don't make stencil for board with gold finger, kepboard pad or RF antenna. 


If there's only one paste file, we will only do according to the file and won't make any changes to it. If there's anything you are concerns of your file, pls leave a message when order, or contact us for technical help. 


If there's are more holes on the paste file for any reason, pls seal it with adhesive tape, so you don't need to remake one.

Pls check the paste file carefully before order, if there's anything wrong due to file errors, we'll not share the responsibility


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LPKF’s StencilLaser P 6060

The Most Affordable StencilLaser Ever!

LPKF’s StencilLaser P 6060 is the intelligent for state-of-the-art production of SMT solder paste stencils anytime, anywhere. The P 6060 incorporates space saving design, ease of use, high cutting speed and very low operating cost. In fact, it is the most affordable system on the market today, and it’s all backed by LPKF Laser & Electronics, the leading manufacturer of stencil cutting equipment for over 15 years.

State-of-the-Art Laser Technology

The System is using a proprietary, very light weight motion system that allows excellent positioning accuracy while maintaining cutting speeds that are the highest in its class. The LPKF StencilLaser P 6060 uses a state of the art fiber laser system with custom optics and beam delivery system, providing sidewall qualities that meet and exceed all industry standards.

Engineered for Safety

LPKF puts the safety of the operator first. All LPKF StencilLaser systems adhere to Class I laser safety, and feature state-of-the-art fume and debris extraction. Simplified material handling allows safe operation and quick changeover for both framed stencils and bare foils.

Areas of Application

The P 6060 can cut all stencils that are used in the industry, both framed and frameless, without requiring any changeover. It is also compatible with most reusable stencil frame systems including LPKF ZelFlex™, Vectorguard ™, Alpha Tetra™, The Wizzard™ and many others. The system features a fiducial camera for automatic re-load of stencils and it is also capable of engraving fiducials, logos and other machine readable identifications such a bar codes or data matrix codes. The system is also capable of cutting highly accurate micro parts in a variety of thin metals.

Global Support

With support hubs on three continents including Europe, North America, and Asia, there is always someone to help – regardless of what shift you are running or which time zone you may be working in.

Simple Operation

In just a few simple steps, any operator is able to produce high quality stencils with minimal training. With the user-friendly interface, the operator can select the proper frame from the library, load the stencil, select the cutting job and push start – all from one simple home screen.

Controlled Flexibility

The software, included with each StencilLaser system, allows you to provide custom solutions to meet special requirements. Design rules for global editing of aperture dimensions or geometries can be saved as customer-specific templates that can be recalled on-demand at any time. Quickly and easily engrave data matrix codes, part numbers or company logos on either side of the stencil.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Above and beyond the low capital cost, the total cost of ownership has been significantly decreased by major advances in the laser technology itself. LPKF uses the most energy efficient fiber laser sources available on the market today. The Long-Life fiber laser technology used in the LPKF P 6060 eliminates the need to regularly replace the expensive flash lamps used by laser systems of the past. Furthermore, the entire system draws only 1,500 W of power over all, keeping your monthly electric bill to a minimum.

Plug & Play

The StencilLaser P 6060 requires minimum setup and won’t need chiller water or high power electrical connections. It is out of the box, plugged into the wall (115 V or 230 V) and producing stencils within minutes. The small footprint of less than 2 m2 (20 sq. ft.) allows for installation even where space is limited.